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Who Stone Veneer Guys we are

Stone Veneer Guys is a veneer stone supplier and installation company that are skilled and have direct experience in veneer stone installation and designing. This should give you peace of mind that you will be delighted with your finished project. We not only install veneer stone that we manufacture, we can also install products made by other manufactured stone companies. Our experience in veneer stone installation and manufacturing is dated back to many years when veneer stone installation was new. Stone Veneer Guys will therefore ensure that that your project is installed correctly, inexpensively and without delays.

Commercial veneer stone installation

Stone Veneer Guys offers commercial veneer stone installation services to home builders, architects, landscape designers and general Contractors. We welcome any opportunity to work with you. You can call us on 888-320-7492 and hire you to assist you in your project or order for our high quality veneer stones that come in different shapes, color and types. We can also offer our installation and remodeling services to offices and other businesses that need our services.

Residential veneer stone installation

Residential veneer stone installation service is one of the most popular services that Stone Veneer Guys offers. For new home owners, Stone Veneer Guys promises to work together with your homeowners association or municipality to help you get your home improvement plans approved and installed to your exact specifications. We have helped many home owners in the region thus you are assured of getting satisfactory end results.

Stone Veneer Guys started from a single idea to improve an existing process and create an alternative product but ended up becoming a trusted veneer stone manufacturing and installation provider that has become a source of inspiration to other veneer stone companies and builders in the region. The inventor’s main aim was to come up with a simplified process of adding beautiful stone siding or accents to a home or business. If this is what you are looking for, Stone Veneer Guys can help you out. Talk to us on 888-320-7492.

Advantage of veneer stone

One of the main advantages of veneer stone is that it is less expensive than real stone thus it saves you money. In the harsh economic times, saving money is the main aim of most people. If you can save some money when building your home and still have a beautiful home then it is a great thing for every new home owner. With professional installation by Stone Veneer Guys, veneer stone provides similar warmth, beauty and prestige that natural stone offers thus it is a great choice for any home owner. Another advantage of veneer stone is that no engineering is required to install them. Some veneer stones can be installed over brick, concrete, block, sheet metal, or wood. Veneer stone is therefore ideal for most any remodeling job or new construction.

When you call us on 888-320-7492, you will talk to our customer service personnel who will give you a quote of our products and services and also choose an ideal day when you want our craftsmen to come and carry out the installation or remodeling.

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